About Deemeed Motorcycle Luggage


History of the company dates back to 1993. At that time a company"s manufacturing division, which enabled us to create our own brand - THE VIRUS, was founded. In nearly six months" time we became well-known by manufacturing and distributing school bags and rucksacks, which are popular till today.


In the late 1990s, thanks to acquired knowledge and experience, we decided to get involved in production and distribution of a wider range of LOOP PERFORMANCE products. Accessories for snowboarding, windsurfing, horse riding, cycling and motorcycling, owing to their high quality and reasonable price, have gained customers" recognition in a very short time.


The next stage of the company"s activity was its expansion into European markets. That is why a new brand - DEEMEED was registered in 2004. Despite of a very young brand, we soon became a symbol of good quality and reliability in a bikers" circle. Thanks to it, DEEMEED bags travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers every year to ensure convenience and safety for our customers.


Since our products are produced in Europe, we are able to introduce innovations very quickly, what gives us the advantage over other similar companies which mostly import products of questionable quality in containers from China. We do our best to meet our customers" expectations to the highest degree. We are the only company manufacturing unique bags with a customer"s own logo, what makes us much more flexible than other companies. We endeavour to introduce innovative solutions, so we are open to any comments and suggestions.


After many years of experience in manufacturing and commercial activity, we have created a brand associated with fine quality products, namely motorcycle bags. We specialize only in this field and therefore we can elaborate on our products carefully. Before the manufacturing process starts, all products are tested by our acquainted cyclists whose opinions enable us to design ideal products that meet customers" expectations.


We are not afraid of competition. All original DEEMEED products are made of best quality materials with the highest degree of European care and diligence. In spite of the fact that one of the competitive companies in Europe was illegally manufacturing and selling products under DEEMEED brand for 2 years, we have not given up. We believed we would manage to convince customers to buy only original DEEMEED products, and we succeeded. We have gained the confidence of thousands of customers, including over 80 authorized Harley-Davidson showrooms in Europe.


Every year we take part in the largest motorcycle fairs and rallies, where you can find out more about our products and, above all, watch their presentations live, (see photos of our stand below)
DeemeeD Motorcycle Bag and Luggage company at Motorcycle Exhibition DeemeeD Motorcycle Bag and Luggage company at Motorcycle Exhibition
DeemeD Motorcycle Bags and Handlebar Bags Exhibition Display DeemeD Motorcycle Luggage Exhibition Display
...and in France EUROFESTIVAL in St. Tropez and Austria (Faaker See)
Due to the expanded sales network, you can buy our products in almost every European country. What is more, our sales representatives enlarge the sales network abroad at a fast rate.
Customers who don"t have a local dealer nearby can place an order for original DEEMEED products online.


Production and distribution of the highest quality products for motorcycle and sports branch.